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NEW! Lunula Laser® for Thick, Fungal Nails. FDA-approved, very safe, pain-free, and effective (close to 90%) _______________________________________________ ORTHOTICS: Digitally-Captured Impression Technology for Athletes and Active People of All Ages
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Total Body Health and Confidence starts with a Solid Foundation

LaserWave Podiatry® combines mind and body wellness from head to toe. This is a brand new niche podiatry practice designed to serve the specific needs of Southern New Englanders. Our community can be arduously “well-heeled”, but at the same time, enjoy the challenges the outdoors has to offer. Looking and feeling young should be total body. That is why LaserWave Podiatry® focuses on “top-notch” services NOT traditionally covered by insurance. We must ALL make choices in what is best for our health. COLD LASER PODIATRY Fortunately HSA/FSA cards DO make allowance for TOENAIL FUNGUS treated with laser (as fungus only gets worse, can become painful, spread to other parts of the body, is CONTAGIOUS, especially to those closest to us). LaserWave Podiatry® provides the latest FDA-cleared, Lunula Laser®. This “cold” laser is PAIN-FREE and VERY EFFECTIVE (clinical trials had close to 90% efficacy rate at 6 months ); making it significantly more effective than traditional, oral medications (with their potential affects on the liver). DIGITAL IMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY- CUSTOM ORTHOTIC CUSTOM ORTHOTICS (HSA/FSA card eligible) at LaserWave Podiatry® are made with the latest technology: a digital map of the soles is made in-office, and sent out to an experienced custom orthotics lab, for fabrication, with the patient’s unique prescription on-hand. Orthotics can help manage: High arch/low arch, in-toe, out-toes, heel pain, and gait imbalance, neuromas, hammertoes, and even bunions), when used with proper-fitting and appropriate shoegear (which the doctor will gladly go over with you). LIFE COACHING Long called “coach” by his peers, Dr. Cicero would now like to provide this level of support to professional colleagues (nationally via telehealth or in his tranquil office which also doubles as a psychotherapy suite), especially as we have all faced enormous life-altering challenges throughout this pandemic. Telephone or video life coaching, is possible, with focus on other physicians to help them be the best doctors they can be, at work, with friends, and at home (helping define goals, identify obstacles, and navigate interpersonal relationships- professional and personal), and even help in furthering ideas for potential research, with strict attention to privacy. ABOUT THE PODIATRIST Dr. Michael Cicero has twenty years experience treating the lower extremities. Surgically-trained in Boston (BU and Harvard teaching hospitals), Philadelphia (Drexel University/Hahnemann University Hospital), and New York (the New York College of Podiatric Medicine, the oldest podiatry school in the world). The doctor takes a Gestalt view of healing (“the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”), and insists that no part of the human body should be neglected, even if its easily hidden with shoes and socks. Prior to a career in medicine, he earned his BA in Psychology, magna cum laude, at Southeastern University and is a Psi Chi member. Dr. Cicero is a lifelong athlete who has used his feet to surf Rhode Island waters for three decades, and is a proud Dad of two kids who are very involved in local sports: baseball, softball, gymnastics, and basketball. LOCATION Laserwave Podiatry® is located in the historic Packer building (just a few steps away to the Mystic Amtrak Station). Our office is located in very comfortable and tranquil psychotherapy suite. The Packer building houses multiple specialities for your convenience: Primary Care, Optometry, Dentistry, Psychotherapy, Podiatry, and Naturopathic Medicine.
Michael Cicero
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine


Podiatry AND Life Coaching for Healthcare Professionals

  • Painful High Arch
  • Flat foot
  • In-toe/Out-toe
  • Life Coaching
  • Heel Pain
  • Bunion, Hammertoe, and Neuromas
  • Nail Fungus
  • “Covid Toe”


  • Sports Medicine
  • Gestalt Psychology


  • Lunula Laser- 4 sessions ($275 each) : $1,100
  • Athlete’s Foot/Telehealth option: $225
  • Life Coaching (40 min.): $300
  • Orthotics: $655